Saturday, March 5, 2011

NEW SONG Let's Kill Tonight by panic at the disco live at the ROXY

Timothy Bloom "Blood Rain"

Timothy Bloom - 'Til The End Of Time ft. V

thank you, timothy.

erykah badu & her beloved drum machine performing I WaNT YoU. live version

2011-what a year so far...

i can't believe it's march -- already.

in the middle of the steeps fog (great love
live fast and burn out painfully hard, i guess) , i remember spending new year's eve with my homegirls at @theRoxy checking out the camp freddy set. it was especially fun at midnight when the original badass, mizzzzzz cherie currie
got up and did a BOWIE song --rebel rebel -- as the first
song of
the new year.

i just knew we were all going to have a great 2011.

my music interests have been really all over the place lately- especially when i got the midi mpk at christmas. i realized more than ever the world needs a new d'anglelo
sound. not maxwell, but stripped down, soul music that begs you to let go of the idea of rational thinking. it was him, really, in my humble opinion that did that best. now i think we have one artist in particular to look forward to bringing us near that realm again. his name is timothy bloom. i have had the good fortune of spending time with him last year, and i heard his album one night. it really runs deep. he is also on one of interscope's labels, so i think he stands a good chance of actually being heard. i just hope he knows what to do when it all comes down. he is talent, through and through.

watch his risque and stunning video here:

also if you like it check out "blood rain"

i personally think he will be a huge hit.
especially with the ladies follow him: @timothybloom

ok, enough of my crystal ball, onto show reviews --

january was a blur of shows, but the real highlight was big boi. He single handledly (didn't need the goodie mob, but it was nice to see them anyway) reigned supreme that night. Blew away ceelo green (who i like, actually) at the club nokia show night before grammy's (the crowd was in agreement)... i cannot wait to see outkast one day live. made me wish andre 3000 could have made it.

then i hit the erykah badass badu show at the house of blues on sunset. It was the first time this year I saw her--and it was her birthday jam session. lots of anticipation, but when she hit the stage (after dave chapelle and biz markie did their thang...), all was forgiven... mayer hawthorne and
ms. badu is the best live. Period. Noone does it better.

and here's why i love being a part of the music scene in los angeles. this past week i got to see two great shows back to back...
first --panic at the disco at my favorite small venue, the roxy on sunset. it was amazing to think they performed for 500 people. i loved every minute of it. they are really good musicians and fun to watch. after show, we were with them at on the rox upstairs and i got to tell their guitarist that i loved the show. he was genuinely thankful to hear it. i love it when people are in the business for the right reasons...

speaking of in it for the right reasons, the king of that is my dear sweetness of a man, john popper who was also in town this week (with his side project crew the duskray troubadours including legendary jono manson and fun lovin' aaron beavers from the group shurman) at the key club on sunset strip. very very good show for their new endeavor --john popper and the duskray troubadours. really fun show. he loves performing and it shows.

noone gives more than popper when it comes to his fans, too. so a party happens where-ever he goes.

off to south by southwest week after next. looking forward to bob geldof's key note speech.

newest obsession is adele's new album, 21. get it. will brings you everywhere music is supposed to take you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

day one at swsx... interactive...not music!

went into swsx interactive to meet up with dr. ted eytan (twitter name is @tedeytan) from kaiser permanente who was on a panel about health and social media/interactive. was a very lively discussion for sure and i got to help kick it off with my audience participation role (was fun!).

then we were off to get my crew wristband for the week. crew is an honor to me. bummed to be missing warren from worldsound, but am psyched to see sofia talvik and anuhea jenkins work their magic here this week!

we met up with dear friend, tyronne shaeffer (twitter name is @totallyx2) who is a former facet creative designer) and we all headed over to the four seasons for quick bite. w

hich turned into a texting love fest bringing all sorts together for the night. Best was meeting up with my girl linds' friend just in from the uk, mark murdoch! fantastic blog (check it out at stuff!)... and even nicer person considering his luggage loss on his flight cross the pond~)

rest of night was a blur of great thoughts about media that i hope will stick - including upscale design of the qr codes! and lots of talk about how to bring together communities! for better health for all... :) sorry that was me bringing work back in the mix.

am pumped to see what the week holds.

hugs from austin.

song obsession today:
timbland and drake "say something".
this beat is so beyond sexy